PCI Assurance Plan

We are pleased to bring our valued merchant customers the PCI Assurance Plan to help reduce your business liability and safeguard you by protecting your customers’ sensitive data.

Data breaches are costing credit card associations billions of dollars a year, which affects your rates. Credit card association and regulatory fines can range from $5,000 to $100,000. Help protect yourself with the PCI Assurance Plan.

We have selected SecurityMetrics as our vendor to offer the PCI Assurance Plan because they provide security and compliance solutions to merchants across the globe. As a valued merchant, you are automatically enrolled each July. But you must still take all the necessary steps to become PCI DSS compliant and protect you and your customers’ sensitive data.

Become compliant today!

PCI Assurance Plan Benefits:

  • PCI Compliance – Whether you process through a phone line, Internet or IP connection, you’ll have access to questionnaires and network scanning services to help you become PCI DSS compliant.
  • PANscan® Technology – This state-of-the-art software solution is simple, efficient and detects if you are unknowingly storing nonencrypted primary account numbers (PANs) on networks, computers or storage devices. PANs are the primary targets of hackers.
  • Technical Support – Call a specialist 24 hours a day/7 days a week to help you with all of your PANscan and PCI DSS needs.
  • One Hour of Security Consulting – You’ll receive up to one-hour, free phone consultation and answers to PCI DSS questions to help you discover the best practices for secure business operations.
  • Data Protection Guide – A guide that you can use to help form a PCI compliance policy and train employees on the dangers of irresponsible card processing.

For a listing of other questions and answers relating to the PCI Assurance Plan, click here.

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To speak to a compliance professional, call 1-800-437-0712, option 8.